The Morning Devotion

Morning Devotion

The Crayson family had gathered in the plush living room to perform their daily ritual–talk to their Maker as a family, before the day’s wind blows over. Despite doing this for years, the Crayson children filled the room with yawns, as they sang praises and exalted The Most High. It was only a half past 4 in the morning, yet Mr. Caleb Crayson, the head of the family, was in a different realm. His deep voice echoed loud and clear as he sang the base, and his wife, Mrs. Claudia Crayson supported him in her solemn alto, while the children mouthed and yawned throughout.

Just when Mr. Crayson was about to lead the prayer session for the day, the heavy entrance door fell flat, creating a loud sound, hence, waking up the children from their slumber, and redirecting the Crayson family to a state of shock. They turned towards the direction of the sound, and Mr. Crayson stepped forward, protecting his family from any potential harm. Two masked men walked through the space created by the broken door, and laughed at the scene before them. Mr. Crayson said nothing, but watched as these armed men walked into his living room.

“What a hero of a father, Caleb. What a hero! Didn’t think you would grow up protective as ever, you know,” the dark tall masked man said, amidst laughter, while the other short, dark, masked man took the staircase, in search of something.

Mr. Crayson still said nothing, however safeguarded his family behind him.

“You better say something or else your wife goes first!” The dark, tall masked man shouted again.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” Mr. Crayson said, causing his wife to smile. “John 14:27.” The couple chorused.

“See who’s got scriptures.” He feigned laughter and shot at the ceiling in anger, which erupted a frightened shriek from Sandra and Samuel, and definitely got the attention of neigbours. Claudia held the hands of her children to comfort then.

“It’s alright, pumps.” Caleb comforted his children, and involved them in a conversation. “Remember when Jesus slept through the heavy storm?” He asked, and they both nodded. “That’s the way we will smile at this storm when it’s all over…”

“Well, that is if they have that much time.” He tried to grab Sandra, but Caleb stepped in the way. “You dare not touch my daughter!” Caleb stopped him, and the masked man let out a laugh, and after, shot Caleb in the leg, “This will teach you a lesson!”

“Urgh!” Caleb groaned in pain, and his family pressed his wound to prevent him from bleeding out.

Just then, the other masked man–dark and short–decended the staircase with a briefcase, and few seconds later, a megafone filled the Crayson home, with the voice of the police advising that they drop their weapons and step out. After the third count, the policemen entered the living room, and arrested the young men, who happened to be colleagues of Caleb in the same office. They came for a document handed to him, since their boss trusted only Caleb with his most prized documents. Mrs. Claudia administered first aid to her husband, as the policemen dragged the men out, and her husband smiled at his family, and sang with absolute joy, “With Jesus in the boat, I can smile at the storm,” he sang, and his family joined him.
After the incident, the Crayson children never yawned during their morning devotions–they were always wide awake.

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