Teacher Prophetess

Tuesday Thrills

She was very much loved by her class. Her strategies for teaching, advising and general communication were phenomenal–however, her graceful reputation caused many teachers to envy her, but the love of her students overshadowed the criticisms and foul comments spoken against her. Unusual for most students, her students looked forward to Mondays. To most students, Mondays were the end of their enthusiastic weekend, and the beginning of a hectic week, but to her students, Mondays were the days their enthusiastic weekend was expressed and enlightened, and a day that gave their week meaning.

The classroom was filled with raised hands that were eager to share their weekend experiences. She called the boy who sat at the back, because as she stood staring at the class his raised hand reflected a striking light, and she knew what Her Master meant by that. The young boy walked before the class, and smiled. “Every weekend has its experiences, but the experience from Friday evening enlightened me. It was a fun evening, because my friends had come to spend it with me.” He said, still maintaining his smile. “But, I experienced a great form of betrayal–well, to me, it was.” He emphasized. “All those I called my friends spoke ill of Ms. Maya, our class teacher, and I discouraged them from continuing, but instead, their ill words grew louder and more foul. I was ready to start a brawl, but the words of Ms. Maya kept ringing in my heart; ‘Nothing is much more important than how you respond to a situation’, so I resisted from starting a useless brawl and resorted to my room, till they departed.” His smile got wider. “This made me understand that some things or perhaps, people we call friends must be left behind, if we want to take a great leap into success, by standing for what is right, and most importantly, self-control isn’t an easy virtue, but it is an act of prominence that maintains your integrity, and communicates character.” He concluded and his mates clapped, as they were very much inspired by his weekend experience. Ms. Maya smiled at her student, and tears formed on the surface of her eyes, as she gave the loudest applause, and watched him take his seat.

As she stood before the class, ready to call the next person to share an experience, a dark cloud filled her mind, and she saw a great explosion. She stood still, as she couldn’t decipher what she had just seen. She bowed her head, closed her eyes and immediately she received insight for her vision, she excused herself and made her way to the principal’s office, which she was led into by the secretary, who closed the door, but stood behind it, ready to satisfy her inquisitive ears. The secretary didn’t forget to send messages to the forum of teachers who envied Ms. Maya. “Sir, may I speak to you privately?” She asked, and the principal furrowed his brows at her.

“We’re alone, Maya. What’s the matter?” He questioned.

“No. We’re not alone, sir.” Ms. Maya said, gesturing her eyes at the door. So the principal walked to the door, opened it and found his secretary eavesdropping. He asked his secretary to take a break, and she left them within the confines of the principal’s office.

“Sir, the school is in danger. There are threats coming. If you could call the policemen around, it will save the school and the students as well.” She relayed the issue.

“Where is your source from?” He asked.

From above.” She replied. “My Maker and Master.

The principal let out a chuckle. “So I’m supposed to call in for an army of policemen, because for some reason,” he looked up, “you think there’s a threat on the school?”

“No, I don’t think, sir. I believe My Master. There is a threat, and if you don’t get the policemen to secure the school, then, with all due respect, sir, I humbly ask that I take my students out of the vicinity of the school, so they can be saved from any harm.” Ms. Maya firmly stated.

The principal was surprised at her conviction, looked at her and said, “If this is an unproductive call to the cops, know that it’s on you.” He dialed for the cops.

My Master never lies.” Ms. Maya said, and walked out of the office.

When Ms. Maya got to the classroom, her students watched her, worried–concerned about their teacher.
“I’m alright, students. I just needed to attend to a few things. I apologise for the way I left.”

The students enjoyed the rest of the day, as experiences from their weekends were shared among themselves. Their Mondays were never complete without a bit of logarithms and standardized equations from Ms. Maya.
After the siren sounded for closure, the principal walked to Ms. Maya’s class, grateful than ever. “Thank you, Maya. The cops found some thugs around the vicinity of the school, with all kinds of grenades and other explosives. I’m very grateful to you. You saved the school from great distress. I owe you a lot.”

“No, sir. My Master takes it all. He reveals to redeem and we owe Him a lot.” Ms. Maya said with a smile, as she zipped her bag.

“Thank Your Master, on my behalf.”

I’m sure He would love you to thank Him personally, when you accept Him as your Lord and Personal Saviour.” She looked at him, expressing a charming smile.

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