How Two Hours Of Being Offline Cost Me My Relationship Of Four Years

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It has been three months already and I have still not been able to come to terms with it! How two hours of being offline cost me my relationship of four years.

It all happened on a Thursday, a holiday. It was my turn to work for the holiday shift at the office. My boyfriend Dave and I planned a date after only God knows how long we hadn’t gone for one. This was the third time. There had been two unsuccessful ones and we were hoping this would work.

The first time we couldn’t meet because he had an appointment with his business partners and the meeting exceeded the scheduled time. The second time, we had to call it off because of a similar reason. A few minutes to the scheduled time, he was called to an emergency meeting. For this third date, our hopes were high since he had a day off from work and I also had the choice to close earlier than usual due to the holiday and there was not much work to be done. 

He works in a law firm, and I work as an administrative officer of a multinational (financial) institution; we were both very busy and had little time to spare.  Regardless of our failed efforts in the past, we were optimistic that things would work this time around.

We planned this meeting, or better still ‘our date,’  over three nights and we finally settled on a venue and concluded at 4 pm as convenient for us.

The night before our date, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed about in bed till daybreak, thinking about how the day would go. What to say to him and everything that will make the day memorable was running in my thoughts.

Thursday was here! Our date time. I went to work excited about the fact that I will be meeting Dave in a few hours. Only God knows how long I have anticipated for this day. I’ll finally meet him. I spent most of the morning reminding him with texts about the date.

He assured me that it will come off only if I avail myself at the said time. That wasn’t a problem since it was a holiday and I had little to do at the office. I was sure to leave the office a few minutes before our closing time.

I couldn’t wait until 4 pm. I grew anxious and anxious. I spent most of the day looking at my wristwatch, making sure I did not miss 4 pm. Few minutes to 4, I hurriedly took my bag and set off to the house. I had to freshen up first and change to another dress.

Unfortunately while at work,  I turned off my phone data and switched to the office Wi-Fi but I forgot to turn it back on. I still didn’t realise my data was off when I got home because I was concentrating so much on my dressing.  I took the advantage of re-arranging my clothes in my wardrobe and cleaning my room since I had some time.

I was waiting to hear from him that he was ready. I rubbed my makeup, fixed another one, made sure my lipstick was sparkling, still waiting for the phone call but it never came. I tried to reach him but the call never went through. I got worried but tried to remain calm. “Perhaps, he is still in a meeting,” I said to myself. 

After waiting and waiting, I didn’t get a call from Dave nor did I get a message. Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t turned on my data after leaving the office. I quickly grabbed my phone and turned on my data. When I finally did, I saw lots of messages from him. Dave had left.  He had been waiting for the past two hours at our agreed venue and scheduled time. His message was to inform me that he was around and unfortunately had a low battery which would cause his phone to go off “any moment from now .” I called him to explain but he wouldn’t answer. His phone was back on but after several attempts of calling, he refused to answer.  

Finally, on the 25th call, he answered. His words broke my heart. He shouted, “ I don’t want to talk to you!” and hang up the phone. He has since not answered any of my calls but in case someone tries to reach him and he answers, just let him know that I’m still here, waiting to render my apology and probably, make it up to him.

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