Fulbright Foreign Student Program


Application to the Fulbright Foreign Student Program is open. The program is one of the United States several exchange programs between the United States and other countries. The goal of this program is to foster and improve intercultural relations and diplomacy between America and other countries, through exchange of persons, knowledge and skills

The program enables graduate students, young professionals, researchers and artists from abroad, to study and conduct research in universities or academic institutions in the United States. 


Fulbright is open to applications from all fields, including interdisciplinary ones, however, program eligibility and selection process varies by country. National Service Personnel are not eligible for this program.

To be considered for this application, you should:

  1. Be a Ghananian or permanent citizen
  2. Have a Bachelor’s or master’s degree
  3. Be an employee at a tertiary, research or government institution.
  4. Demonstrate leadership qualities/abilities
  5. Return to Ghana after completing the program to apply the knowledge at home institutions.
  6. Be highly motivated and committed to completing the program.
  7. Have limited or no prior experience in the United States
  8. Be able to receive a study leave from your organisation

Application instructions

All applications to the program are processed by a bi-national Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or US Embassies in your home country. The deadline for application varies based on your country but the duration is usually between February-October. Complete the online graduate school application via: https://apply.iie.org/ffsp2022

This is a fully funded program. The Fulbright program caters for your tuition, stipend, travel fare and health insurance and it is for the entire duration of the study. Visit the official website for the complete list of benefits. 

Be aware that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted to have an interview. If you are not contacted, it means you were not selected. Don’t give up! Revise your application and apply again the following year. Applicants from Ghana should note that the deadline for submitting your application is 30th June, 2021

Visit the official website for every detailed information before you start your application. You can also get more information from the US Embassy website from your home country. For applicants from Ghana, click here to read more.

All the best!

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